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The City and County of Broomfield, Colorado, is nestled in the northern part of the Denver-Aurora metro region and is one of just a few merged city-counties in the United States. Broomfield is a flourishing residential and business community located halfway between Denver and Boulder. The breathtaking panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and the area's many lakes are a few of the many features that make Broomfield a popular and growing community in the metropolitan area. In the last two decades, Broomfield has experienced tremendous growth, and a lot of it has been because of the growth of the technology sector. Three lush golf courses and Broomfield's neighborhood open spaces allow for residents to take pleasure in the area's azure skies and breathtaking sunsets. Nearby is Flatiron Crossing mall, a marvelously landscaped shopping center with a selection of department and specialty boutiques, which also includes an outdoor shopping area strictly for pedestrians.  If all this were not enough, The 1stBANK Center, formerly known as The Odeum Colorado or The Broomfield Event Center, provides residents of Broomfield and neighboring cities with a sizable venue that hosts live concerts, sports events and other entertainment.


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Broomfield exemplifies the spirit and way of life of Colorado. With more than sixty miles of hiking trails and biking paths and vast areas of parkland and open space, as well as first-class shopping, fine dining, and lively entertainment, Broomfield is a top choice for outdoor fanatics and also savvy consumers. With its fervent appreciation of music and art, the outdoors, and pride in its community, Broomfield is the ideal city to reside, work, play, and raise a family! Colorado Home Helper offers a unique and easy way to search for Broomfield, Colorado real estate and homes for sale.


Within Broomfield, residents will find various housing options. From single family homes, to luxury town homes, to apartments, there is something for everyone in Broomfield. Broomfield home prices range from the low $100s up to multi-million dollar homes.  Visit our exclusive MLS SEARCH to find all Broomfield real estate and homes for sale.

There is currently 210 total listings in BROOMFIELD:

  • Condominumum - 23. The median Condominumum price is $227,719. Condominumums in BROOMFIELD range from $121,900 to $448,750
  • Income 0. The median Incomes price is $641,780. Income property in BROOMFIELD ranges from $0 to $1,500,000
  • Land 12. The median home price is $737,329. Land in BROOMFIELD ranges from $114,500 to $1,960,000
  • Homes 172. The median home price is $449,034. Homes in BROOMFIELD range from $119,000 to $2,350,000


$508,900 MLS# 1230729  
$590,000 MLS# 1093981  
$525,000 MLS# 1236249  
$449,888 MLS# 1207423  
$1,075,000 MLS# 1229245  
$509,900 MLS# 1232582  



Broomfield was integrated in 1961 in the southeastern area of Boulder County. Its name was derived from the broomcorn produced in the region. Over the thirty years that followed, the city developed through appropriations, many of which traversed the county line into three neighboring counties of Adams, Jefferson and Weld. In the 1990s, city heads started to set in motion the formation of a separate county to circumvent the disorganization of dealing with four separate counties. Broomfield assessed that it could offer services more efficiently under its own county administration, and requested to have an amendment to the Colorado State Constitution to form a new county. The amendment was approved in 1998, after which a transition period of three years followed. On November 15, 2001, Broomfield became the 64th county in Colorado. 






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Best Neighborhoods near CU Boulder to Buy a House
Whether you're getting ready to retire or a student enrolled at the University of Colorado, if you're thinking of investing in real estate off campus near CU Boulder you may have started looking at and comparing neighborhoods located close to the University. If you've already come this far in your home search, then you've probably discovered that there are many viable options when searching for a neighborhood in which you hope to purchase property.

Boulder neighborhoods near CU are popular for a number of reasons. Most obvious, or course, is that these off campus neighborhoods provide students and faculty of CU with a wide range of housing options within a close proximity to University grounds. This very same reason explains why these off campus neighborhoods near CU Boulder have continued to drive returns to real estate investors for decades.

View Best Boulder Neighborhoods Near CU Boulder in a larger map

Best Off Campus Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate Near CU

University Place – A family oriented community in Southwest Boulder, University Place is another spectacular neighborhood located close to CU Boulder campus.  As one of Boulder's historic neighborhoods, most homes in University Park are single-family, residential homes with a median price of around $725,000. Ninth Street – In the shadows of the Foot Hills sits Ninth Street, a popular Boulder subarea located northwest of CU. A family-friendly community that is close to recreation and shopping. University HillUniversity Hill, known as "The Hill" has a large and lively student population.  A large number of the homes on University Hill near CU are owned by real estate investors or property management companies and occupied by college students who pay rent. Lower Arapahoe – Situated just South of Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, Colorado’s Lower Arapahoe enjoys an excellent location between the foothills of Boulder Canyon to its West and The University of CU Boulder just a few blocks east.  Condos, Townhomes, and single family residential homes are all common in Lower Araphahoe. Downtown Boulder – Downtown Boulder has long been a favorite home-buyers looking to purchase property near CU Boulder.  Boulder's historic downtown area is located under a mile from University grounds.  Students living in houses located in Downtown Boulder have the luxury of living close to the Regional Transportation District Transit Center, a host of options for dinning and shopping and an array of activities. Goss-Grove – A small and friendly community, Goss Grove that is located near Pearl Street and the 29th Street Mall, just north of CU Boulder. Whittier – Central Boulder's Whittier neighborhood occupies an excellent location just two miles southwest of CU Boulder.  Whittier is one of Boulder's earliest  and favorite neighborhoods.  With such a close proximity to the Pearl Street Mall and Downtown Boulder, there's no shortage of nearby amenities for college students living in Whittier. Frasier Meadows – Located just off of the Boulder-Denver Turnpike (Highway 36), at Baseline Road and Foothills Parkway, Frasier Meadows is a popular choice for CU students looking to purchase a home near CU Boulder.  Fraiser Meadows has a rich variety of home styles, condos and town homes that can vary widely in price.  Because the Fraiser Meadows neighborhood is located just blocks from the University of Colorado's Williams Village North dormitorium, students that buy a house in Fraiser Meadows can take advantage of the campus activities that take place there as well as the University dinning services and the CU rec center at Williams Village. Lower Chautauqua – Lower Chautauqua sits below Chautauqua park and is one of the most sought after locations to live in Boulder. Interurban Park – Boulder's Interurban Park neighborhood is located right of of Baseline Rd., a few blocks south of the well-known Chautauqua Park and community.  Most homes in the Interurban Park area are less than a mile from CU's University Memorial Center. University Heights – Located just over an arm’s reach from the outer east side of CU Boulder's sprawling campus, and only a few minutes walking from the University's engineering department, University Heights is a popular Boulder neighborhood subarea. Nearby Arapahoe Village Shopping Center, Scott Carpenter Pool and Kittredge field provide plenty of shopping, recreation, and entertainment for members of the University Heights community in Boulder, Colorado to enjoy. Arapahoe Ridge – Parallel to Foothills Parkway, Boulder's Arapahoe Ridge neighborhood is located 3 miles east of the main campus at CU Boulder.  Arapahoe Ridge Park sits on the southern border of the family friendly community with the Flatirons Golf Course running along the entirety of its northern limits. Mapleton Hill – One of Boulder's most desirable neighborhoods to live in, Mapleton Hill is an nice community composed primarily of single family homes and condos.  Residents living in the family friendly community of Mapleton Hill in Boulder live aside some of Boulder's most popular features and favorite attractions, including the Pearl Street Mall. There are, of course, many other options for those looking to buy property off campus near CU Boulder. However not everyone that wants to live in boulder  want to live near the University after moving off campus.   For those whom would rather live a bit further from campus, there's no shortage of student friendly neighborhoods and communities in South Boulder and North Boulder. Alternatively, nearby cities such as Louisville, Longmont, Erie or Broomfield all offer great options for CU students buying real estate.  Whatever your particular preferences, if you're in the market for an off campus house near CU Boulder, has a staff of experienced Boulder real estate agents on hand to answer your questions and assist you in the home buying process.   skills, and unsurpassed
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How to Find Affordable Housing in Northglenn, Colorado
Northglenn boasts dozens of smaller neighborhoods, as well as convenient shopping centers, top-notch schools, parks, open spaces, lakes, and outdoor recreational facilities. Northglenn is a tight-knit community. In fact, many of the original residents who lived in Northglenn when it was establisted in 1969 still reside there. Yet Northglenn is always growing, and now has 36,000 residents. Northglenn residents welcome those who make the move or relocate to their city.

Affordable Northglenn Housing

Northglenn is chalked full of recreational and outdoor activities. It is located in close proximity to some of the best ski towns in the West, as well as plenty of places to hike, camp and more. Northglenn is connected by the Greenway Trail system, 28 miles of off-street biking and walking paths. These paths lead to the Denver area, giving Northglenn bikers, walkers and joggers easy access to both downtown Denver and other areas of the city. With 300 days or more of sunshine a year, Northglenn is a happy and great place to live, for both individuals and families alike. In Northglenn, the housing market is declining slightly, which might mean lower prices for those looking to purchase a home there. The median sales price for homes in Northglenn in the fall of 2011 was $148,750, which is a slight decrease from 2010. The average price per square foot of real estate was $132 in 2011, which is actually a slight increase. Northglenn has plenty of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available for those who are considering a move or relocation to the city. features Northglenn housing on their website, with various search items that help you sort and sift through the hundreds of housing opportunities available. The website allows you to search by a variety of options including minimum price, maximum price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, acreage, square footage and more. is constantly updated with the most current Northglenn homes on the market, and is maintained by real estate professionals who are experts at watching Northglenn housing trends. Northglenn is a friendly city with plenty of business and recreational opportunities for citizens. Finding housing might seem overwhelming, but breaks down housing options into an easy-to-read and understand format, allowing those searching to find exactly what they are looking for. allows you to find affordable homes at the very lowest price possible. skills, and unsurpassed
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What Should You Do as a First Time Home Buyer?
As a first time home buyer, it is crucial that you use all the resources that are available to you in finding the right home, best mortgage broker and the lowest mortgage rate. Many people feel they can go ahead with the home buying process on their own, without understanding in full the benefit that the right real estate agent or mortgage broker can have A real estate agent is one of the most knowledgeable people you can use when looking for a home. We don’t recommend seeing a real estate right off the bat, but simply after you have looked around at the various homes in the area.

Advice for First Time Home Buyers

A real estate broker knows the neighborhoods in which homes are the cheapest and knows where to go for information regarding the property information. An agent knows the home buying process inside out and would be able to help you right from the start of the home search. Real estate agents have affiliations with mortgage brokers, so this could benefit you in a great way. Real estate brokers want you to be able to purchase the home, so getting your mortgage approved is one of their biggest concerns. As a first time home buyer, you need to know your needs for the purchase. Do you want to purchase a home close to where you live now? Do you want to buy a home near the city center? All these questions need to be answered. When visiting various open houses to see the staged homes, you need to look carefully at the various improvements done in the home. These improvements will be included in the final price of the home. The biggest concern for a home buyer is the resulting renovations needed after the purchase of the home. The best practice is to hire an inspection agent to analyze the home. The inspection report will be given to you and will outline the various issues with the home and the estimated costs to repair them. As a note, it is important that you get all the information concerning property taxes and other bills. Once you are satisfied with your inspection report and the details of the home, you can move onto the mortgage portion of the process. When getting a mortgage, you need to make sure that you walk into the lender’s office with a good chance of getting approved. In order to be in a great position, you should consult with a mortgage broker first. A mortgage broker will look through your finances and tell you if anything looks like it may bring down the chances of getting approved. A common example is the debt to income ratio for a particular family. Additionally, a mortgage broker has access to interest rates offered by all the lenders in the region, so you will definitely be getting the best rate possible. If you take the opportunity to use the various resources available to you, your home buying process will be very efficient and save you time and money. skills, and unsurpassed

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